What is Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is a game of survival tactics that gives you the opportunity to play as Humans or Demons in the New-Jerusalem underground, in Machiavellian scenarios.

The game is a true ‘’tool box’’. You will find all the necessary materials to enjoy several games in row without having the same pattern. You will be able to follow the scenario booklet, find some on the official blog or other supports, and even create your own adventure and propose them to all the community.


What’s in the Box?

-17 finely sculpted and pre painted figurines (1 redeemer, 2 condemned brute, 2 condemned blade for hire, 11
-36 halls and corridors tiles
– 5 card stands and 5 reference cards for the humans
-25 damage tokens
-6 power cards
-6 objects cards
-15 advantage cards
-1 destiny board for the demon player
-7 reference cards for the Demon side
-16 event cards
-20 menace tokens
-10 injury tokens
-3 hole in the ground tokens
-2 tough troglodyte tokens
-1 courage token
-1 support token
-4 treasure tokens
-3 seal of protection tokens
-1 10-sided die
-12 6-sided dice
-1 rule and scenario book

With all this, nobody will hear from you after the 10th of December…

An Asmodee game by CROC
For 2 players, 14 and up
Around 45 minutes