Posted by CROC on décembre 9, 2009

The Threat phase

During this phase the demon player, with all his Machiavellian plans, will show the human player why he should have never ventured into the catacombs. It is at this time that the demon player decides if this turn is going to be calm or completely frantic.  He can either build his force or attack his enemies.

At the beginning, the demon player will roll 3 dice and position them on his Board of Destiny to activate the describe effects. Some give resources (threat point (TP), cards, etc) and others offers special power for the turn (your troglodytes goes faster, more fierce or more nimble).

After this, the demon player can put into play the troglodytes and demons by paying their respective TP points (1 for the troglodyte, 5 for the demon).

Now, he can make the human player suffer…

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