Posted by CROC on novembre 25, 2009

The Initiative Phase

During this phase, the human player will need to roll a specific amount of dice that equal the number of human fighters that are still in play. The player then needs to associate one die for each fighter.

Each die value indicates all the characteristics of each of the fighters for that round: the movement speed, the shots that they can make and the ones that they can stop.

While this phase is going, the demon player should have a great deal of interest in what is happening.  It is during this phase that decisions are made for who will stay out of trouble and who will make a nice meal for the troglodytes.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that during the game when the human fighters receive damage it will ‘’block’’ dice results. So, in short terms, that means the humans will get fewer choices for the dice placement, and that will make him easier to defeat.

For the Brother of redemption, this phase is more important than for the other fighters due to his power can only be made with specific dice rolls.

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