Posted by CROC on octobre 22, 2009
The Blade for Hire

The Blade for Hire

‘’Run mailman, love never waits.’’

If the Brute is the wall where troglodyte’s attacks are broken, the Blade for Hire is the one who lives on the edge. He explores, hits far behind the enemy line and is the needle in the foot of the Demon player.  He is a fly that can be easily killed, but the risk is worth it and his sacrifice for victory is almost necessary.

The most important difference between the Blade for Hire and all the other human fighters is he has better movement (most of the time he will move two tiles instead of one like the brute) and his Evasive skill. With that skill, he can move freely and leave a tile, even if there are too many opponents. No Troglodytes can stop the run of a Blade for Hire…

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