Posted by admin on mars 9, 2012
The great crossing

The great crossing

A brand new scenario for Claustrophobia !

The human player has to cross a big maze roamed by demon critters and Lone Terrors.

This daunting mission seems plainly impossible and their only glimpse of hope lies in the fountains of healing randomly found along the way. Unfortunately, the Redeemer must bless the waters before their miraculous powers can be used by his men.

A long-winded scenario by Alew Doway for an evening of terror, downloadable here (HD) and here in 72dpi.

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  1. Sakari Laiho dit :

    Hi! I noticed the great crossing is not on scenarios page, so for all fans to reach it easily recommend to put it there :)

  2. Magda dit :

    If you’re reading this, you’re all set, panrerd!

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