Posted by admin on octobre 4, 2011
De Profundis is Saved!

De Profundis is Saved!

He did it! Croc’s fighting spirit and legendary tenacity make him a hero among men.

He has located the spot where the De Profundis boxes were held against their will. They were cold and shaking, terrified and alone.

But Croc arrived like a hero, like a thunderbolt, like an overly committed game designer who really wanted his name on another box. He helped the boxes like any father would.

Next week (or maybe a little after that, because I wrote this a long time ago and exact dates can be hard to pin down), you’ll be able to pick up the boxes at your favorite retailers! And if you can’t find them there, you can certainly find a copy at any decent Chinese take-out restaurant.

In any case, you’ll have De Profundis soon, and enjoy all the new characters, maps, rooms, scenarios and a whole lot more. I’m a little jealous. OK, I’ll admit it – I envy you.

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2 Responses to “De Profundis is Saved!”

  1. TS S. Fulk dit :

    Good job, Croc!

    My box is already heading from the UK to Sweden.

  2. I am on the edge of my seat!

    Yes, Croc has found the boxes- but will I ever find one ???

    I am beginning to think I will never be able to acquire one of these prize expansions! They seem to disappear so often!

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