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Shit Happened!

Shit Happened!

Also, here are the rules.

The freight carrier has just confirmed it – the container full of De Profundis was indeed tossed overboard by the petulant cargo ship. But is it gone for good? We don’t know just yet.

We have activated our contacts in Asia to start production again, and told them to step on it so we could get the game on time. We are not optimistic.

However, we still have some hope. Croc was carried away by a dreadful rage, and, motivated by the millions of dollars of royalties he may have just lost, left immediately.

We’re not entirely sure where he went, but it’s somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, somewhere in the vicinity of the spot where our precious cargo went overboard.

Our designer wants his game back. We should have more news soon, because Croc never goes anywhere without a 3G phone and a camera. Keep reading, because we may receive news from the South very soon.

So that you can understand just what you’re missing, and can share in our despair, we want you to read the rules for De Profundis.

To make you even more depressed, we’re not including the scenarios. that’s HERE.

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