Posted by Styx on septembre 6, 2011
Six De Profundis Arrive at the Office!

Six De Profundis Arrive at the Office!

Here’s a picture of Croc smiling. He’s smiling for a very good reason – he is going to get to play De Profundis. We just received six boxes of De Profundis, the Claustrophobia expansion, at our office. The English phrase for this is ‘proof copies’.

What that means is ‘The publishers get to see the game first because we freaking paid for it.’

Oh, and we have to give some to Croc, or he will get upset, and trust me when I tell you that nobody wants that.

Happily, all goes well. Parent and baby are getting along like a dream. One figure is a little too small, but since there’s no way we would tell that to anyone, nobody will ever know.

But while you will never know about the smallish playing piece, you will be able to play with these games! We’ll be offering one of them at the Asmoday in Paris, on September 17 and 18. Yes, two months before the official USA release date, you may be able to make a bunch of money selling a unique copy on eBay! Or you could play with it, proving that you cannot be bought with the scent of green money, which is just as well. You don’t want to have to spend the rest of your life hiding from Croc and his minions.

So we’re giving one away, but what about the other five boxes? Well, we’ll tell you. The other boxes will be at the convention, just waiting for you to play them!

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  1. Rob dit :

    How about this… I will trade my Canadian unbaptized soul for just one copy…keep the change

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