Posted by Styx on août 31, 2011
De Profundis is on the boat!

De Profundis is on the boat!

(For those of you who don’t know what De Profundis is, go read the 869 previous news posts.)

The 2,000 boxes of De Profundis, the Claustrophobia expansion, huddled in the dark of their shipping container. The priceless container was hoisted by the metallic clicking of the harbor crane and stored on the deck of the seaworthy vessel that would bring it across the sea.

The crane operator, a professional Tetris player, had no idea how many hours of tears and laughter he had just held with his enormous crane.

As you can clearly see, De Profundis is finally complete and loaded onto a ship headed for Europe. Before you know it, these boxes will be on the shelves of game stores everywhere. All too soon, you will understand the true meaning of ‘expansion’.

Claustrophobia: If you hate the game, you’re going to hate the expansion even more!

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