Posted by Styx on décembre 24, 2010
A Christmas adventure !

A Christmas adventure !

The demon had paralyzed the entire group, prepared a ritual, and sacrificed about ten troglodytes. Then it disappeared.
Anointed with the blood of its enemies, the brute somehow managed to free his comrades, But he had still hesitated before reanimating the Redeemer. Because, somehow, all of this was the Brother’s fault. But the brute had eventually changed his mind. They were already too few and they needed to stick together to hope to survive and find the exit. After a few hours of wandering, the brute’s already sedate pace began to slow further. He paused and noticed that his comrades were looking at him with a disbelieving look in their eyes. He didn’t have the time to ask them what was going on. He started to cough up blood, guts, and demonic ichor. The Redeemer ended the Brute’s torment by shattering his skull with his hammer.

Download ‘’Parasite!’ (PDF, 1.96 Mo) or the 72 DPI version (PDF, 431 Ko)

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2 Responses to “A Christmas adventure !”

  1. bart dit :

    New scenario at last!Thanks, guys:) Waiting for december expansion now;)

  2. Mike dit :

    What a fun scenario!
    One question, though. What if the demon player kills every human? I would assume that would be a draw, with neither player winning, yes?

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