Posted by Styx on septembre 22, 2010
We want more!

We want more!

With all the emails and other desperate messages we have received in the last few hours, here is some additional information on the future of Claustrophobia…

We announced previously a new print run for the French version and the arrival of the Polish and German versions. We also implied that these massive arrivals let credence to the possibility of an expansion.

It is time to break the silence and reveal the truth: There will be an expansion for Claustrophobia. BANG! We said it, no way to go back on our word. Our veins are open, and we have exchanged our blood (we use condoms, of course). We can’t be more engaged. But when? Which form will it take? Will we finally be able to play with 8 players? What will the box contain? Well, if we can’t answer all of your questions, CROC’s personal slaves (only high quality Trogs, of course, he’s the Troglodyte Master after all) have not finished writing and correcting the rules, but he authorized us to give you some information.

The expansion will be available in December 2010 and will be free to download from the Claustrophobia web page. Two more characters will be available, and you will have to cut and paste on the panels you already have  that were included with the basic game. (yes, that will hide them, but we don’t have any other solutions at the moment). Also, a there is a custom die that you will cut and paste, and a new tile you will have to color to make it the room of your dreams – your imagination is the limit. All this new material will also be available in the Claustrophobia Magazine (The magazine for the true Trogs) whose number 1 will be on sale everywhere for $2.99 and it will also be available in December.

We know December is not that close, CROC understands this and with his legendary sense of compassion, he authorized us to give you this signed picture of him, you can print it and pose it on the side of your bed, at the office or just keep it in your wallet and show it to all your friends and family.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of all the impatient folks who never read the texts through to the end, those who are all too happy to prove on forums that they are the first to say they know something (this is also true for all those who write on English forums about how they saw it first on the French forums), now we can tell you the whole truth.
An expansion is on the way! It will be available in June in French, and the English version is scheduled for August, right on time for GENCON. Even if we can’t say exactly what it will contain (CROC is getting older you know, Alzheimers, too many years in Hell, etc…), it’s still great news for all Troglodytes.

And to make it a better day, you will soon find (not now, but very soon) a campaign on the official site.

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  3. Alain dit :

    I just saw a comment on the French site that suggest that the expansion has been cancelled, it is not an official comment but the fact that there was no action since september on that front scares me a bit. I can’t wait to see the expansion, i even ordereda second copy of the game to have additional tray for the new caracters. I hope this will see the day soon.

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