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About the game mechanisms

About the game mechanisms

Dear Diary,
Today, I want to talk about the new creation of my father, Claustrophobia. Did I mention that I’m very important in the game? You will see it anyway; Claustrophobia is a two player game, Humans against Demons.

Croc told me a little of the mechanics in the game. It was midnight and he, like always, was still working very hard (AARghhhhhh!). It’s really hard to try to make a game when you’re working with something so special like me. Here are some details about this great game.

The Human begin with the initiative phase, throws a six-side die for each character that he controls.  After that, he chooses a die to give to each of them. The die represents an action line with varied characteristics: movement, combat, defense, sox colors. These characteristics change with each line, so the allocation of a die is tactical and very important.  For each injury a character receives, he loses an action line, meaning that later in the game some dice results can be useless. We will come back to this point later.
Then, the Humans start the actions phase and activate all their characters: underground exploration, confrontations, actions and so on.

Then the Demon will start his menace phase. He rolls 3 dice, which the number can change under different conditions. He then places the rolled dice on the destiny board. Placing them activate on some effects that will help him. For example, if the Demon player chooses to place two odd dice on the ‘’supernatural speed’’, the troglodytes then gain +1 movement in the next action phase.
Once all the dice are allowed and the chosen effects are activated, the Demon plays his action phase. It’s almost the same as for the Human, except that the Troglodyte can’t explore the underground.

No more details, I have already said enough.

If the game is not finished, another turn begins. Of course I forgot lots of things, but as you see the game can go fast and the rules are not that complicated.

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  1. Nedo dit :

    I love this game and his mechanics.
    I am an old BG/RPG’s player, and it is by the times of Heroquest, that I have not seen a game like this.
    My best compliments.
    To when an expansion?

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