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A small video

A really cool presentation of Claustrophobia here :
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The great crossing

The great crossing
A brand new scenario for Claustrophobia ! The human player has to cross a big maze roamed by demon critters and Lone Terrors. This daunting mission seems plainly impossible and their only glimpse of hope lies in the fountains of healing randomly found along the way. Unfortunately, the Redeemer must bless...
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Infection, a new scenario for christmas

Infection, a new scenario for christmas
«Infection» (powered by Croc) is the second Claustrophobia scenario written for the blog. This scenario has been written for Xmas 2009. Ok, we are on late, because of a demon that kidnapped our webmaster. All apologies ! See it as a new present for year 2010, two weeks after christmas ! Merry christmas...
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Finally, here is the last part of the video featuring Claustrophobia. In this sequence, Croc (the author) will talk about the strong points of the game and the ‘’Tool box’’ aspect of Claustrophobia. Now that you have a more accurate understanding of the game, you only need to go to your local...
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The Threat phase

During this phase the demon player, with all his Machiavellian plans, will show the human player why he should have never ventured into the catacombs. It is at this time that the demon player decides if this turn is going to be calm or completely frantic.  He can either build his force or attack his...
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